What We Do

Grit Capital is a capital market advisory firm based in Toronto, Canada.

In a nutshell: We “Tell the Right Story to the Right People” and “Incessantly Chase ROI”.

We showcase our clients to investors through targeted 1x1 meetings, events, conferences, cross-north America roadshows and aggressively on social media. We pride ourselves on “out of the box” thinking to captivate mindshare. The intersection of “fun” and “informative” is where we and our clients thrive.

We control our own messaging through our media platform GritMedia featuring a weekly newsletter that goes out to +2000 curated finance professionals, a YouTube channel and conference series. We currently have over 20k high quality followers such as portfolio managers, retail advisors and accredited investors.

We focus on small cap private & public companies. Our sweet spot is getting involved at the pre-RTO stage. We have carved out a niche in millennial investment themes which include Cannabis, Technology, FinTech, and Consumer Products – some of the largest and innovative growth sectors in North America.

We host innovative events and conferences including: